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If you want to become who you want to be while having a blast along the way, this blog post is for you!


become who you want to be



All new years inject excitement and possibility into the air, but this new year is especially marvelous because we're entering a brand new decade.


I talk a lot about how time is made up and we can begin again in each moment, which is very true.


BUT the turning of a decade is a powerful shift.


Each decade has its own vibe and meaning; each marks a broader section of our lives.


Over the past year, a lot of people have spent energy ending something, even if only internally. It’s been a year of releasing, healing, and getting clear on what’s no longer working in our lives.


All this space has, for many people, created room for new hopes and dreams to grow.


It's natural to want to learn how to achieve goals, realize these dreams, and become who you want to be.


The time has come to build a brand new foundation for something that will support us for a very long time.


At first I thought this was just the flow of my life, but my astrologer says these themes are affecting all of us.


I’m feeling that 2020 will be a slow steady build, but a joyful one, too. The past couple of years have felt tumultuous, for me anyway, and we have all learned and grown a lot.


It’s now time to put that greater maturity to the test, being more firm and clear about what serves us and what doesn’t.


As you become who you want to be, it’s time to transform these inner stirrings into tangible action, to learn how to achieve goals, to stick to our newfound habits and resolutions —


Not in the New Year’s sense, but in the sense of an inner resolve to do things differently.


I have been really focused on the systems and structures in my life, spending a lot of time thinking about the best flow for my day, and even how to allocate my focus in bigger chunks of time — weeks and months — so that everything gets done, but in a way that feels spacious, fun, expansive and grounded rather than crushed, rushed and hectic as it has in the past.


This window of time in between Christmas and New Year’s is PERFECT for this deeper reflection.


If you haven’t ordered your Play with the Day yearly goal journal to help you become who you want to be by setting aligned goals and living intentionally, here’s the link to buy.



Today I wanted to offer guidance on how to harness this fresh energy and become who you want to be in 2020.



1. Have a clear vision

Clarity of vision is essential to become who you want to be. Knowing who you want to become will guide every decision and choice you make.


This is one of the most important steps in learning how to achieve goals.


It also ensures the goals you set and the new habits you create are rooted in something deeper than momentary whims.


A lot of people say they don’t know what they want, but we always know what we want. Most times, we need either the space to hear what our hearts are saying or we’re simply not being honest with ourselves.


If you have fears that what you want isn’t possible, or that those you love won’t love you anymore if you follow your heart, that can create doubt or confusion.


Confusion results from conflicting visions, desires, values or priorities.


Perhaps the vision of who you want to be conflicts with who you think you should be, or ideas of what's possible.


Or maybe the vision of who you were, or what you thought you wanted but no longer do, conflicts with the vision of what you really want.


We have to let old visions go — or at least get honest with ourselves about why and how they aren’t working — in order to receive the new visions.


So during this week's mystical portal, create that space for yourself.


I love how the Play with the Day yearly goal journal gives you prompts and mini vision boards for 8 separate areas of life so you can create compelling visions even in those areas you haven’t thought much about.


It’s one thing to have a general knowing that you want something different, and an entirely different thing to sit with yourself and ask the questions to get clear on exactly what you want.


Play with the Day supplies you with those questions to create clarity so you can become who you want to be. It's a very powerful guide to teach you how to achieve goals.



become who you want to be vision board journal guided goal journal




2. Sit with your vision and ask yourself — what is the next right step?

I do this during my morning ritual while pulling my angel cards and journaling.


It’s easy to get fired up and want to change everything in your life at once.


This sets you up for failure.


It’s exactly why millions of people make New Year’s resolutions thinking this year will be the perfect year, but then abandon their goals in 2 weeks and spend the next 50 weeks doing the exact same thing as last year.


Change happens one next right step at a time. One focused intention, which leads to a goal, which leads to a habit.



Think of it like this:


Let’s say you have a vision of being healthy and successful, wealthy and with lots of fulfilling relationships.


You would then sit with the energy of that vision, let the emotion of it percolate in every cell of your body, and then from this energetic state ask: What is my next right step?


This is the Play with the Day system the yearly goal journal is built upon. It’s designed to support you through this process each and every day of the year so you can achieve your goals and become who you want to be.


I used to plan everything down to a T and then execute those plans.


This led to overthinking, stress, anxiety as I continually tried to plan way ahead from where I was. It removed the joy of the process because I always wanted to be further along.


All the overthinking led me out of the present moment, where there was no joy in the journey, but always and only an obsession with some imagined place of arrival, which never comes because it doesn’t exist.


Over-planning did create a level of success, but it always felt like I was working way too hard for too little of a result.


Then, I pretty much ditched planning all together and simply took the next right step each and every day.


That was chaos. I had no boundaries. No foundation. And still ended up working way too hard.


NOW I have a mix of the two, which I'll explain to you, and which is the foundation of the goal journal I've created to help you realize your goals and become who you want to be.


It starts with this: Connect to your vision, and ask — what is my next right step?


At the beginning of each month in the Play with the Day guided goal journal, you'll start by setting intentions. You’ll write a list of your desires and what you’re grateful for.


You’ll identify a focus for the month. You’ll identify the beliefs and affirmations to support the manifestation of your desires, and you’ll be prompted to ask your higher self for a message — words of wisdom you need to know right now.



become who you want to be vision board journal guided goal journal



3. Set monthly goals based on your next right step.

I believe in setting just a few goals each month based on your bigger vision and your monthly focus.


The Play with the Day system is very sequential, starting with a firm foundation, gradually leading you to increasingly greater clarity while helping you create space to flow while following your heart.


Some people set quarterly goals or 90-day goals, but I personally like to find the balance between working with something long enough for it to shift but not so long that I lose connection to it.


This is another common reason why people don't know how to achieve goals — they stop renewing their emotional commitment to it. It’s been said that millionaires look at their goals daily and billionaires look at their goals twice daily.


I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I do know that emotional commitment to a goal is necessary to achieve it. Goals aren’t a set and forget kind of thing. You need to constantly re-connect and readjust while also giving the goal enough space so you’re not freaking out over the daily fluctuations.


Setting new goals each month lets me renew my commitment to a goal if it needs more time, or to move on if it’s time to do that, too.


In Play with the Day, you’re guided to create 3 goals each month, connect them back to your larger vision, tap into how achieving the goal will feel, which is a manifestation practice, and connect to the next right steps.


You’re also asked to get clear on the cost of inaction, which will help you further commit to change, and identify your doubts and fears before shifting to a new, more positive thoughts.


This is how you become who you want to be. 


become who you want to be vision board journal monthly goal journal



4. Create habits or rituals based on your goals.

Over the years, I’ve set both outcome-based goals (like sign up this many students to my course) and process-based goals (like do yoga every day).


A lot of experts teaching how to achieve goals recommend outcome-based goals, but I personally am moving away from that this year.


I like to focus on the things I can control, and the only thing I can control is what I do every day.


It’s important to evaluate your progress to see if your actions are getting you the results you want, but for me, at this point in my life, I’m choosing to focus on effort not outcome.


In fact, one of the mantras written in the Play with the Day yearly goal journal is “Let repetition be your effort.”


(Most journal / planner things have canned inspirational quotes from history’s famous people. I didn’t do that. I lovingly connected in to what the people using this journal would need to hear each month and selected mantras and affirmations that I’ve created over the years to include in the journal. Every part of the book oozes pure love, and I’m so grateful to see that people are picking up on that in the beautiful reviews some of you have been so kind to leave.)


Each month in Play with the Day, underneath the monthly calendar, you’re guided to re-write your intention and 3 monthly goals, and then connect to the right ritual, habit or next step to achieve those goals.


Creating new habits will have its own blog post too, in this series designed to help you become who you want to be in the new year.


Habits are everything.


People often think about the huge things they want to do or accomplish, but success is a habit. Your life is the sum of your habits, of what you do daily.


It’s very important to focus on the daily steps you can take to realize your dreams, adding one new thing at a time, rather than worry about big, abstract things like “being successful,” or “figuring out what to do with my life.”


Just do one thing at a time. Keep connecting to your vision and asking yourself — what is your next right step?


Then create goals and habits around that next step!


This is why Play with the Day has a daily habit tracker in the back.


This guided goal journal not only supports you in monthly intention, goal setting and review, but it also gives you a space to create new healthy habits so you can become who you want to be.



become who want to be vision board journal guided goal journal



What's inside Play with the Day:

⭐️ Review the year that just passed

⭐️ Dream without limit for the year to come

⭐️ Cast a vision for 8 key areas of life, with space for brainstorming and 8 mini vision boards

⭐️ Monthly intention and goal setting pages

⭐️ Monthly review page

⭐️ Daily habit tracker designed in weekly spreads with space for notes and reflections  



Play with the Day will support you to:

♥️ Live more creatively without putting so much pressure on yourself. (This is the real way to find your purpose, by the way.)

♥️ Get clear on what you want in all 8 key areas of life.

♥️ Create a positive mindset and the confidence to achieve your goals.

♥️Identify the most powerful habits to help you become the happiest, healthiest, most abundant version of you.

♥️ Improve your connection with your higher self, allowing you to receive your soul's guidance.

♥️ Live intentionally, focused not only on what you want to get done, but who you want to be and how you want to live.

♥️ Reduce stress and anxiety by focusing on solid daily habits rather than an overwhelming list of to-do's.

♥️ Identify life lessons and release things you no longer need, allowing you to gain wisdom and a wider perspective.




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