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How to manifest what you want using the law of attraction in 7 simple steps!

Learning how to manifest using the law of attraction, at the most foundational level, is about clarifying your desires and focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.


how to manifest what you want


It’s about consciously aligning your thoughts, emotions, habits and beliefs with the vision you are creating rather than any outdated, ingrained patterns not taking you where you want to go.


This sounds simple, but most people do the exact opposite, either not creating the space to get clear on what they want or focusing on worries or fears — things they don’twant to happen.


This is human nature. We’re wired for survival, and that means the habit of scanning our environment for threats is deeply ingrained.


Many of us feel not good enough, and these corresponding beliefs and feelings interfere with our ability to manifest our dreams.


Elevating out of survival mode and allowing ourselves to thrive is about calming down our nervous systems, grounding through rituals, and learning to trust the flow of life as we follow our hearts.


This is the journey of learning how to manifest using the law of attraction — living more from the heart and less from the head.


Here is my 7-step process of how to manifest using the law of attraction.

If you want support integrating these methods in your daily life, you will love the Play with the Day yearly goal journal, which was designed using this framework.


1. Clarify your vision and connect to it every day.

To create what you want, you first have to know what you want! Give yourself permission to dream big. You can do this in your journal, simply asking yourself what you want or create a vision board.


In Play with the Day, you'll create a vision for eight key areas of your life, including eight mini vision boards that you can look at each day!


Looking at these vision boards each day makes a delightful morning ritual.


Staying emotionally connected to your goals is a big part of what will help you manifest them.


2. Set an intention each month.

Intentions are very powerful. They direct your energy and give your subconscious direction for creating your life.


Our subconscious minds control around 90 percent of our lives. Even though we think we’re in control, most of our daily decisions and actions are based on habit and impulses of which we’re unaware!


Learning how to manifest using the law of attraction is very much about creating more conscious awareness, allowing you to regain power and control over yourself and your life.


I really like sitting with the same intention for an entire month because it takes time to really shift.


That’s why Play with the Day starts each month by taking you through an intention-setting process. There's also space on the weekly habit tracking pages to write your intention.


This is powerful because every time you re-write something, you are reinforcing it.


Plus, it keeps you focused your intention, which allows it to slowly transform you.


As an example, a few years ago I set the intention to focus on gratitude. For an entire month, every time my thoughts veered toward the negative or I found myself complaining, I gently shifted to a more positive thought.


Our thoughts and habits are deeply ingrained, but a month is a perfect amount of time to make a lasting shift!


And a lasting shift it was — this time spent in gratitude planted the seed to a deep spiritual awakening, profound emotional healing, and waking up to self-love.


This has allowed me to discover the work I'm meant to do in this world, creating guided journals to help dreamers understand themselves and create lives as unique as they are.


3. Create up to three goals each month based on your larger vision.

Each month, I connect to my vision and identify the three most powerful shifts that will get me closer to my goals.


(Read: How to achieve goals in 4 steps to harness 2020 energy and become who you want to be.)


In Play with the Day, each month you’re guided through a brief review of the 30 days that just passed, absorbing the lessons and blessings, and then supported to create three goals in addition to your monthly intention.


You're then guided to connect to the habits or rituals that will help you achieve your goals. Action is a HUGE part of manifesting.


It just has to be intentional action that emerges from a feeling of inspiration or excitement rather than that place of hamster-wheel, fear-fueled drudgery most people take action from.


Aligned, inspired action will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


4. Connect to how this goal will make you feel once you’ve created it.

Using the law of attraction will likely require you to reshape your relationship to achieving your goals.


We’re used to thinking about relentless action and over-planning, but learning how to manifest is all about magnetizing your desires to you through the power of positive emotion.


Creating a daily practice of connecting to your vision, allowing yourself to feel hopeful and excited about what you’re choosing to create, and allowing that positive emotion to pull you forward would completely transform your life in a very short time.


When people talk about how to use the law of attraction, they often mention that your thoughts become reality, but how you feel is even more important.

Focus on feeling hopeful, confident and expansive. Full of love and inspiration.


These are the most powerful states to manifest from because they allow you to stay grounded and avoid getting attached or obsessive about your desire.


The more I learn to take the right action at the right time and then let go, relaxing, playing, having fun and enjoying my life, the more effortlessly I receive things — sometimes things I wasn't even asking for.


Even more importantly, I enjoy the process of creating my goals, which means I enjoy my daily life, which is the whole point!


Each month in Play with the Day, you’re asked to connect to how achieving your goal will make you feel.


It feels SO good to really sink into that, and think about how you achieving your goals will improve your life and the lives of those around you. It makes it feel real, which it is — as soon as you let yourself truly go for it.


5. Identify supportive beliefs to help you achieve your goals.

Emotions are your superpower but supportive beliefs are also very important when learning how to manifest!


Most of us are conditioned to either downplay our awesomeness or maybe don’t believe we’re awesome at all.


To achieve something, you have to believe that you can.


It’s okay if this takes time. Re-programming your mind is a big deal!


You are literally creating new neural pathways, which actives different genes in your body. You are changing your very biology when you do this work, all while overcoming generations of imprinting.


So give yourself grace!


To make this easier, select the positive thoughts you want to replace the negative ones with ahead of time. That way, you can change your thoughts in the moment when learning how to use the law of attraction.


Each month, Play with the Day gives you space to get honest about your doubts and fears while also supporting you to select positive beliefs to replace them with.


6. Create an action plan, and keep taking the next right step.

Taking action is a very important part of manifesting your dreams. Everyone has a different way of planning, but I’ll share with you what I do —


I essentially create an action plan and turn the plan into habits.


Our lives are the sum of our habits. Manifesting is about becoming the person, which makes your result inevitable.


This is why Play with the Day features a habit tracker with space for a few daily to-do’s rather than a planner.


When you plan your entire day, you end up living by a list, never checking in with your heart and soul for inspired guidance.


This limits you to achieving your dreams by logic alone, closing you off to the immense power of the infinite universe that’s always available to help you manifest your dreams.


Learning how to manifest is very much about opening up to this inspired guidance, listening to your heart and your body.


For example, I have a plan. I have healthy daily or weekly habits that reflect who I'm becoming.


But as I go through my day, those are simply in the back of my mind. All day long, in each and every moment, I ask myself — what is the right thing to do now?


Sometimes that means I take a break and watch a movie in the middle of the day (like I did today) before writing this blog post, which is my habit.


I get my work done. I take the steps. I do the actions.


BUT — I also listen to myself, my heart, my soul, and my body. I ask myself — what is it that I’m meant to do today, in this moment?, and I do it.


Sometimes that’s exactly what I have written in my goal journal, and sometimes it’s completely different.


That’s how Play with the Day balances structure and flow. It connects you to what’s essential to create your goals, but it also supports you to create a new kind of life where, in the moments between, you flow.


You listen and respond to the always-changing beating pulse of the day, ultimately creating your life like the work of art it is.


This results in a beautiful, magical, sacred call and response with the universe. The same universe that has planted the seed of desire in your heart and is guiding you to toward it with an intelligence that is beyond anything any human can comprehend.


Big-dreaming creatives like us can't plan our way into magic. You have to follow your heart — one next right step at a time.


Play with the Day supports you through this journey through casting your vision, setting your intention and tracking the supportive habits that will allow you to live your purpose while having a blast along the way.



7. Surrender by releasing attachment to achieving your goal. Have fun along the way.

Surrendering is perhaps the hardest part of learning how to manifest! But we have to trust. We have to trust that we are being guided, that we will always be okay no matter what.


That we will always have access to everything we need.


That you are meant for incredible things, but you don't have to struggle and criticize and stress yourself out to acheive them. In fact, those things slow you down and make your life drudgery.


You're here to have fun. To be who you really are.


One of the most important prayers I've ever made is this:


Please let me want what's best for me.


This demonstrates a faith that there IS something out there for me, but I don't always know what it is.


Creating our destinies is a moment-by-moment commitment to following our inner guidance rather than letting our minds get carried away, planning things that might not even be the best way forward.



Learning how to manifest is a journey of recognizing that we are already good enough.

You don’t have to achieve or do or create or become anything to be worthy or deserving.


You get to create what you desire because you already ARE worthy and deserving.


One thing has nothing to do with the other.


Knowing you are worthy and that your life has beauty right here, right now helps with giving yourself permission to be happy along the way.


To enjoy every moment.


As you walk this path, everything that is meant for you will come flowing into your life easily and effortlessly, so gracefully you can’t even believe it.


Like magic.


Play with the Day yearly goal journal guides you into a whole new way of living from the heart.

It’s about surrender and ease and trust and flow and self-love and being good to yourself.


I created it for people like me — big-dreaming creatives with hearts of gold who sometimes worry too much but know they are meant for something big and are willing to do what's required to create it.


This goal journal will help you trust yourself and trust your journey. It will help you tap into your desires and learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest them, one right next step at a time.


Check it out here. 


All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals




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