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About us

Everyone has a dream inside they’re meant to live.

Yet not everyone trusts themselves enough to create this dream and realize their destiny.

This is no small thing. You have a unique combination of gifts, insights and perspectives the world needs. You have something special deep within you that, once discovered, will give your life meaning and beauty.

Too many people hold themselves back from embarking on this epic quest of realizing their dreams because they don’t believe in themselves.

They may be held back by past pain or unsure how to reprogram their minds with loving and encouraging thoughts.

This is why Soul Scroll Journals was born.

Our mission is to help you know, love and trust yourself so you can create a life as unique as you are.

guided journalsFounder Suzanne Heyn’s special gift is helping people know, love and understand themselves through asking simple, powerful questions.

Through guided Soul Scroll Journals, Suzanne wants to inspire you to put down your phone and scroll your soul.

To discover the vision within and connect to the heartfelt guidance to manifest it, one day at a time, ultimately creating a life as unique as you are.

These guided journals are your friend and unbiased guide to help you connect to your heart, clarify your dreams and desires, and become the person you were always meant to be — while having a blast along the way.

We're here to help you understand yourself through the sacred art of self-inquiry.

Thank you for choosing us as a guide!



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