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About us

Everyone has a dream inside they’re meant to live.

Yet not everyone trusts themselves enough to create this dream and align with their highest potential.

This is no small thing. You deserve to wake up happy and healthy every day, to feel fulfilled in your relationships and career.

Too many people sell themselves short because they don't value themselves.

They may be held back by past pain or feel unsure how to become confident, resilient and calm.

This is why Soul Scroll Journals was born.

Our mission is to help understand yourself so you can realize your highest potential.

guided journalsFounder Suzanne Heyn’s special gift is serving the perfect questions to help you break free from stagnation and embody your highest possibility.

Suzanne lost her father to cancer, sister to suicide and survived her own battle with cancer ‚ÄĒ all before she turned 30.

Meanwhile as a serial entrepreneur, Suzanne has experienced breathtaking success, but also devastating failure.

Through it all, her greatest lesson has been that how you respond to your low moments defines how high you'll rise.

¬†Her strongest desire is to¬†look back at the end of her life and know with all her heart that she made good¬†choices, that she¬†overcame her biggest inner obstacles to experience¬†all that¬†was possible ‚ÄĒ the life¬†she truly deserves.¬†

This drive has led Suzanne to become a dedicated student of psychology, spirituality and personal development.

Learn and teach, learn and teach ‚ÄĒ Suzanne isn't here to be your guru, but to help you be your own guru.

She gets so excited after a breakthrough realization that her greatest passion in life is sharing those insights with you so you can create breakthroughs in your life.

Through guided Soul Scroll Journals, Suzanne wants to inspire you to put down your phone and scroll your soul.

To tune out the noise and confusion of the world, instead connect to the wisdom and clarity within.

Soul Scroll guided journals are your friend and unbiased guide to help you connect to your heart, clarify your dreams and desires, and align to your highest potential.

Thank you for choosing us as a guide!

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