Understand yourself to create a life as unique as you are.

The world is full of people telling you what to believe.
We want to help you find out what YOU believe.

Soul Scroll Journals offer a simple way to become who you want to be through short daily readings and journaling prompts.

Benefits include:

1. Discover your unique gifts and passions.

2. Create a life that fulfills and nourishes you from the core.

3. Enjoy authentic, balanced relationships.

4. Find inner peace from having released past pain.

5. Exude confidence and self-belief.

**Now available!**
Play with the Day yearly goal journal

Cast a vision. Set monthly intentions. Live with soul.

Here's what you'll explore:

  • Part 1: Review — Honor the year that just past, absorbing the lessons and blessings.
  • Part 2: Daydream — Allow your heart to speak through empowering questions that remove all limits.
  • Part 3: Cast a vision — First, brainstorm, then showcase your condensed powerful phrase, sentence or image on a separate vision board page.
  • Part 4: Build a positive mindset — Explore powerful questions to illuminate your fears and receive the guidance to move beyond them.
  • Part 5: Create stepping stones to your vision — Identify the most powerful habits you can create that will make achieving your dreams inevitable, but also allow you to have a blast along the way.
  • Part 6: Live with soul — Each month, answer a soulful set of review and intention-setting questions. Set up to three goals and connect to your next right step. That's how you'll create a life you love this year — one next right step at a time.
  • Part 7: Track your habits — Track the daily habits you've identified as supportive to to you.This isn't about creating a new random habit once a week or month that isn't rooted in your vision. It's also not having ideas imposed upon you from a random planner.This is the things you've identified that will improve your life, and the support to make it a habit.
  • Part 8: Review the year — Answer a few thought-provoking, compassionate questions to round out the year 

Our mission is to help you know, love and trust yourself so you can create a life as unique as you are.

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