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Working through this journal catalyzed some huge changes in my life.

Suzanne's down-to-earth wisdom and gentle approach to digging deep into your soul is inspiring and refreshing.

What I love most about this journal is that it's not really complete after the 30 days; I gained tools that I can continue to use in my life.

Dani, from Amazon

I ordered 4 different books on this topic at the same time. And this one is the best.

But you will have to work and allocate enough time for it.

The results are excellent, I am very grateful to the author for this journal.

Iryna from Amazon

Well, only the 3rd day in and I LOVE this book. It's so much more than a journal.

It explains thought patterns to you and actually provides you with concrete advice.

I've done alot of reading, meditating and healing and this is helping me and giving me more hope than anything thus far.

Amazon customer


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Soul Scroll Journals are a unique mix of self-help book and guided journal.

Our purpose is to help you understand yourself to create a life as unique as you are.

Most guided journals aren't that deep and don't create meaningful change. They ask superficial questions or impose rigid, one-size-fits-all structures that stifle the creative spirit.

Meanwhile, most self-help books offer limited — if any — direction for open-ended self-inquiry, space to explore what the material provoked within you, to spark lasting shifts.

Soul Scroll Journals fills this gap.

We are a sacred space to speak with your heart and soul.

We offer especially powerful support during life's crossroads moments — those moments where you feel something new kicking inside, but the old and new are all mixed up and you need help fleshing it out, getting clear, and releasing past pains or negative thought patterns blocking you from walking down a new path.

Author Suzanne Heyn has always relied on journaling to release life's many pains, including the loss of loved ones at an early age and healing emotionally from illness.

She learned at an early age to ask herself illuminating questions to understand what her heart and soul needed to move on and create something new. Through Soul Scroll guided journals, she shares her knowledge with you, so you can also grow in the capacity to express your inner potential.

Regardless of what's happened in the past, you can create any kind of life you want to.

These guided journals are intended to support you through 30-day programs, but the tools you learn will help you grow for the rest of your life.

Soul Scroll Journals best serve those looking to do truly deep, life-altering work. For those who feel ready, we're so excited to support your journey.

Benefits of Soul Scroll guided journals include:

♥️ Increased confidence and self-esteem

♥️ Enhanced physical, spiritual and emotional health

♥️ Feeling lighter, happier and more carefree after releasing past pain

♥️ Building a positive mindset and self-belief, letting go of criticism and negativity

♥️ Attracting better opportunities because you believe you're worthy and pursue your goals