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Vision board ideas for a remarkable 2020

If you’re looking for vision board ideas for a remarkable 2020 and beyond, this article will help you understand exactly what to put on your vision board to make all your dreams come true.


vision board ideas


When it comes to vision boards, people often think of creating something with inspiring images and phrases to depict their dream life.


That's great, but if you want to take it to a new level like I have, today's blog on vision board ideas is definitely for you.


It started when I was creating Play with the Day, my brand new yearly goal journal and habit tracker for casting a vision, setting monthly intentions and living with soul.


In the journal, you spend time reviewing the year and connecting to what you really want in life through juicy journaling prompts.


​Then, you move through a very specific process of creating a vision in 8 key areas of your life, plus a general vision or intention for the year.


There's two parts to this experience, and both are important to make sure your vision board is rooted in something meaningful rather than based on pretty things that caught your eye while paging through magazines.


​The first part is to brainstorm what exactly you want your life to look like in each area, whether health or career or relationships. Play with the Day provides questions to do just that.


It's this emotional connection to your dreams that will help make them real.


​Then, after you've answered a set of questions and dropped deep into your heart, it's time to cast your vision.


This is perhaps the ultimate vision board idea — to create one board for each area of your life that’s important to you.



Having a specific vision for each area of your life is really powerful because it promotes balance.


​It ensures you're not ignoring any area of your life even if you have big goals.


​There was a time in my life I had only career goals, and it negatively impacted my health, happiness, and ultimately — ironically — my career.


​There's lessons and growth in everything for sure, but learn from my mistakes!


​Creating visions (and turning those visions into habits or rituals) in all areas of your life will allow you to truly thrive.



Something else that's important to think about for vision board ideas is to include things from both your one-day vision and your immediate next-level vision.


​This is something else I've learned along the way. For a long time, I focused on my one-day goals. Things like moving to California and living on the ocean, traveling regularly, first-class all the way, and having a closet overflowing with designer clothes.


​I still want these things, but I've found the best way to create my one-day vision is to take the next right step in front of me while focusing on making today the best it can possibly be.


​For me, that means indulging in my decadent morning ritual, taking time to cook, and yes, watching trashy tv.


​My philosophy in life, and the philosophy that all Soul Scroll Journals are created on, is that when you expand fully into the present moment, being so grateful for all the blessings that are around you, taking advantage of all your opportunities, and taking that day’s next right steps while caring fully for all parts you, you naturally expand into creating your wildest dreams.


​But you do it in a way that feels so good along the way.


​It’s easy to get destination-itis — when I get there, I’ll be happy. When I make X amount of money, find my purpose, or find true love, or find my perfect job, or lose the weight — THEN I will be happy.


​But life is right here, right now.


And the more we can enjoy ourselves now, love ourselves now, the more quickly and easily all the things we desire flow into our lives, as if by magic.


When you’re creating your vision boards, take this balance into consideration, maybe adding things onto your board that represent a little bit of both — the here and now, and the one-day dream.


​Play with the Day yearly goal journal is the perfect support for helping you follow your dreams while having a blast along the way.


​This one simple book will contain your biggest hopes and dreams pictured on your vision boards, offer space for monthly intentions and goals plus a review of how things went.


​It also features a daily habit tracker to support you as you create positive momentum in your life, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


​All in one book! How cool is that?!


Vision board ideas for each area of your life:

#1 — A vision for your relationships.


How do you want your relationships to feel, both family and otherwise? What kinds of things do you want to do together? 


#2 — A vision for your career.

​What kinds of projects do you want to work on? What do you want your schedule and work space to look like?


#3 — A vision for your health.

How do you love to take care of yourself and nurture your body? What kinds of foods do you eat?


#4 — A vision for personal growth.

How do want to grow personally? What kinds of support do you surround yourself with to guide your growth and evolution?


#5 — A vision for finances and money.

How much do you want to earn? How do you want receiving this money to feel? What kind of investments do you have, if any?



Play with the Day yearly goal journal guides you to create vision boards in eight key areas of your life.

This yearly goal journal has tons more guided journal prompts for each area, space to brainstorm, and a mini vision board on the opposite page.

When finished, you'll have a book that contains your beautiful visions and the support to realize them through monthly intention and goal setting plus habit tracking!

This is a book that will help you follow your dreams while staying close to your soul.

It will help you identify what you really want.​​


Get all the details here!


Let me know if you have questions!


​All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals



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