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How to stay chill when manifesting things you really want

Right now, we're buying a house in a crazy real estate market. One house literally had 15 offers in 48 hours.


When something I want seems totally out of my control, I turn to the Universe.


Sometimes you have to rely on miracles!


To manifest the perfect house, I'm doing a few spiritual and manifestation practices.


manifestation practice



Why I combine spiritual practices with manifestation ones: 

First, even though you could say manifesting IS a spiritual practice, I like to think of spiritual practices as ones that help me release attachment, find peace with what is, and connect to source while manifesting is about how to best use the energy of desire.


I’ve always had a difficult time manifesting because I can get attached to my desire or freak out that it's not happening. Manic manifesting can definitely be effective, but it’s not the way I want to live my life.


So I spend my energy in equal ways: aligning to my goal, staying positive, and also chilling out.


1. The 555 manifestation technique

This practice involves writing a positive affirmation around your desire 55 times in a row for five days.


The affirmation needs to be in the present tense, for example:


I am so happy and grateful that…

Thank you for...

X happened so easily and effortlessly.



Things to know:

* Try to choose a short sentence.


My affirmation happens to be kinda long and it takes me about 40 minutes to write it all down!


Every day, I felt lazy and didn’t feel like doing it, but then I rationalized to myself — Suzanne, if you could manifest the house of your dreams and all you had to do was spend 40 minutes a day for five days writing out affirmations, what a special gift that is.



Write an affirmation you believe in.


If you're having trouble believing you can have what you want, check out the Listen to Your Heart journal, which will help you release self-doubt related to manifesting your dreams.



* The secret sauce is the emotion you bring to the writing, not the writing itself.


If you rush through writing just to get it done, it won't work. Take your time and let it become a meditation / visualization of aligning to your desire.



How it helps:

Repeating affirmations so many times helps it sink into your brain. Before starting this, I was freaking out about the market. It’s SO tight right now. We lost three houses last weekend, and one of them had 15 offers in 48 hours.


I could make up so many negative stories in my head, and for a while I was.


Now, when negative thoughts come, my affirmation automatically overrides them. The practice helped me feel full of faith that the perfect house will come to us at the perfect time.



2. A 40-day mantra practice

40-day practices are my jam. A few years ago when I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my life, a 40-day yoga practice helped me find my true path. It’s the whole reason I started my blog. Many of you have done my program The Big Shift, which is modeled after that transformational experience.


So to add some spiritual connection to my 555 practice, I'm doing the adi shakti mantra for 40 days.


40 days is a powerfully symbolic spiritual number of renewal and faith. Kundalini yoga says it’s also the amount of time required to clear old patterns and create new habits.


The adi shakti mantra specifically increases your personal power by helping you connect to primordial feminine energy, the energy of creation and manifestation.


How it helps:

This is an awesome practice for feeling more peaceful and positive. After chanting, I literally feel my body buzzing with energy. Try it even just once!



3. Yin yoga to manage my nervous system

My September intention was to ground down, better manage my nervous system, and tune into my body throughout the day to notice when I feel tense or anxious.


Have you ever struggled with feeling tired all the time, or tired but wired? Maybe you'ved experienced feeling tons of energy, but then crashed.


One possible cause of this is an overtaxed nervous system. (This is just what I've figured out for me, using my intuition and self-awareness. We're all different.)


Searching for a house has exacerbated this because it's thrown off my routine.


I end up having difficulty focusing, feeling restless. Ultimately I realized this is what it means to feel spacey, and I also realized it's happening because I'm not grounded.


So I've been practicing a lot of yin yoga.

Yin yoga involves holding poses for three to five minutes. The intention is to get deep into the connective tissue to increase flexibility and promote joint health.


My FAVORITE YouTube teacher is Yoga with Kassandra. She’s amazing and has yin classes focusing on the chakras, the elements, different body parts, and so much more.


How it helps:

On a spiritual / emotional level, it’s incredibly healing. It allows you to process things, and because it requires you to slow down, is very grounding. It's amazing for restoring your energy if you've burned out.


On the manifesting front, yin is all about surrender, so the practice helps me let go of attachment and trust that everything is happening exactly as it should.


If you want to track your manifestation practices, check out the Play with the Day yearly goal journal. 


All the love,



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