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How to know what you want

This article will teach you exactly how to know what you want if you feel confused or uncertain right now.


how to know what you want



You are a unique being with a special combination of gifts, talents, insights, experience and perspectives. You have a lot to offer the world.


You deserve to give your gifts in a way that makes you happy and financially successful. You deserve to be recognized for those gifts, and you deserve to create a day-to-day flow that fulfills and energizes you.


But for some reason, you feel lost about how to know what you want. You may feel stuck, confused and frustrated, like you’ve spent so long trying to figure it all out and yet the pieces still aren’t coming together.


You're tired of banging your head against a wall, asking for answers and hearing nothing.


I know how you feel. There have been many times in my life where I had no clue what I wanted.


It wasn’t all that long ago that I quit my toxic but high paying office job in hopes of making it big as a freelance writer.


My husband and I were living in a boring beige house in a boring beige suburb and everyday I looked around, asking myself — how the fuck did I end up here?


Despite it all, I never gave up on my dreams. Dreams of finding out what I was put on this Earth to do, of working a job I loved, of traveling and having adventures.


During that time, I tried SO hard to figure out how to know what I wanted, but the harder I tried, the more confused, stuck and frustrated I felt.


This made me super negative. It’s not who I wanted to be, but I had no clue how to translate my longing into reality, and this made me really unhappy.


Finally I surrendered, took the steps I’m sharing with you today about how to know what you want, and things began shifting immediately.


Today, I know who I am and what I want. I have a clear vision for who I want to be that I work towards every day, no longer focusing so much on other people that I lose myself.


I’ve released the emotional trauma keeping me trapped in patterns of self-sacrifice, unfulfilling work and feeling not good enough.


I’ve shifted the my beliefs that told me I didn't deserve what I wanted, or success was for other people and not me.


This is what I'm here to help you with, too.


Using the process I'll share with you today, I've realized my special gift is helping people listen to their souls by asking the right questions. I want to help you grow and be who you are meant to be.


This is why I created Soul Scroll Journals — to help you stop placing experts and influencers on pedestals, paying more attention to what they say than the wisdom in your heart, and find out what YOU want and believe.


The bad news is nobody is coming to save you. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you and give you want you want.


The good news is you are mind-blowingly powerful and have all the answers and wisdom you could possibly need inside of you.



With that, today’s article is about how to know what you want.


1. Stop putting pressure on yourself to have it all figured out.


One of the first things that needs to shift to know what you want is to release the story that says you need to have it all figured out, or that because you don’t know now, you never will.


Take a moment right now to ask yourself — What stories are you telling yourself about the situation you’re in?


We attach so much meaning to these stories. That we’re failures or not where we’re supposed to be. The pressure we put on on ourselves to figure it all out disconnects us from our hearts.


The pressure puts us in a place of fear and anxiety, and it’s impossible to hear your inner voice — let alone trust what it says — from this place.


There are many more disempowering stories we tell ourselves, and if you want to clear them away and learn how to know what you want, the Listen to Your Heart guided journal will guide to create a crystal clear vision for your life.



2. Get clear on the best possible version of your life right now.


It’s human nature to focus on the negative — what’s wrong or what you want that feels impossible to create right now.


A lot of personal growth exercises guide people to envisioning their ideal lives, and those are great exercises.


It’s important to have a vision for who you want to be and where you want to go ultimately. Listen to Your Heart definitely invites you to imagine what you’d create in a world with no limit.


However, I’ve found that when I feel really stuck and confused, one of the things that trips me up the most is having a vision for what I want that feels impossible for right now.


Rather than having a clear plan to work toward, I end up worrying I’m supposed to be somewhere else in life because I can’t see how to create what I want from where I am.


I also find that when I focus too much on an ‘ideal’ life (if that even exists), I do things that I think are required to get me there while losing connection with what I actually want to do.


The unique lives we’re meant to live are created step by step.


In Listen to Your Heart, you’ll spend a lot of time getting clear on what the best version of your life right now looks like, and from there you’ll continue expanding into wherever you want to go.


If you want help with how to know what you want, you’ll love this guided journal.



3. Follow your curiosity.


One of the best ways to start expanding and figure out the next chapter of your life is to take the next right step.


Explore your curiosities and interests even if you have no idea where they’ll go.


My other business besides Soul Scroll Journals is a personal brand with offerings like online courses and coaching.


This business started all because when I was stuck a few years ago, I began following my curiosity. At first I did random things like take a jewelry making class and tennis lessons.


That led to yoga teacher training and eventually to sharing my yoga and emotional healing journey on Instagram, which led to my blog, which led to the courses, which ultimately led here, to Soul Scroll Journals.


People often want to tie their lives up in neat little bows, to have arrived somewhere. But the only place to arrive is right here, right now in the present moment.


You’ll never have it all figured out because life is a constant process of evolution. Some people may indeed stick with the same thing for their entire lives, but even then, they’re learning and growing and expanding within that container.


Once you take the pressure off yourself, it creates space to hear the next step and learn how to know what you want, but then it becomes equally as important to follow it.


Often the next step you’re given is small, and you can’t see where it will go.


The tendency is, because you can’t see the bigger picture or how this random idea will lead you to a life that makes you happy, to avoid taking the step all together.


But life doesn’t always give us the bigger picture all at once.


One of my favorite analogies for teaching you how to know what you want is driving in a car in the fog.


You might be able to see only 10 feet in front of you. But if you keep your eyes on the road and keep figuring out the way home 10 feet at a time, you’ll get there.


However, if you turn your brights on in an effort to see further ahead, you become blinded.


And if you stop the car all together, or avoid taking that next right step, you’ll never get where you want to go. You’ll stay stuck, confused and in a fog.


Only in this analogy the fog never clears because what creates clarity is action. If you do nothing, nothing changes.


Soul Scroll Journals are created on the foundation that when you expand fully and completely, with joy, into your life right now, you will effortlessly expand into the next chapter.


As you spend time with the inspiring daily readings and soul-stirring journal prompts in Listen to Your Heart, your next steps will become clear.


If it feels right, this journal is your right next step.


Taking it will teach you how to know what you want.



4. Create stillness to truly listen.


Collectively, we fear emptiness. We fill every second of our lives with social media and movies and socializing and entertainment.


We feel an inner ache, an emptiness, but because we fear it, we don’t stop to truly listen.


Inside this emptiness lies all the answers you’re looking for.


One of the things many highly successful, accomplished people have in common is they create space to listen to their hearts, even if they wouldn’t call it that.


Bill Gates is famous for taking Think Weeks, where he locks himself in a cabin to read and contemplate his next big idea.


Steve Jobs loved to take long walks, to think and solve problems, to hear his intuition.


And Oprah Winfrey is a well-known meditator and journaler who takes time each day to go within.


The world is a noisy place. It’s easy to get lost into wanting things you don’t even want because of advertising, social media and other people’s opinions.


I know it can feel scary to carve out the time to connect with your soul.


This fear can manifest in seemingly innocent ways, thinking you don’t have the time, always finding yourself procrastinating and doing other “important” things, thinking things like, “it won’t do that much good anyway.”


Taking this time to journal or meditate is especially important if you struggle with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. A journaling practice will dramatically improve your mental health by helping you understand why you feel the way you do.



Soul Scroll Journals are particularly great because they're a guided journal / self-help book hybrid, giving you amazing questions for growth but also important mindset shifts to help you grow.


Listen to Your Heart is designed to guide you with how to know what you want so you can live the unique, authentic life available to you.


It will guide you through 30 days of beautiful daily readings and soul-stirring journaling prompts to help you get clear on exactly what you want and precisely how to create it.


Check it out here.



All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals



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