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A quick tip to reduce overwhelm

If you're looking to reduce overwhelm, you're in the right place!


reduce overwhelm


Feeling overwhelmed by all you want to do and feel like you should do is a natural experience.


There simply ISN'T enough time in the day to do it all.


But there IS enough time to do everything that matters.


Everything that's important and meaningful to you. That's why it's important to focus.


A mentor once told me that overwhelm is the absence of clarity.


To create clarity and reduce overwhelm, you must focus.


One thing I've been doing each week in my Play with the Day yearly goal journal is writing my weekly focus at the top of the habit-tracking page.



habit tracker yearly goal journal guided journal



This helps me answer another question I've loved to reduce overwhelm during the holiday season — what can I leave undone?


This week, for example, my focus is on tying up loose ends since it's the end of the year and I want to walk into 2020 feeling fresh and ready for a new beginning.


I'm taking time to do annoying life things I've been putting off. Things like buying a new shredder and going through piles of junk mail I've been expertly ignoring.


Having this focus has allowed me to be gentle with myself when thoughts come up that I should be further along on business goals.


It ensures I do what I deeply WANT to be doing rather than the random things my mind latches onto.


It helps me reduce overwhelm.


Every month after setting intentions and goals, I pick a focus for each week, deciding in advance where my energy will be directed.


With so many different areas of life to think about, it gives me peace of mind knowing there's a time for everything, and also knowing when that time will come.


When thoughts / worries / ideas come up about something I'm not currently focused on, I simply write it down and vow to do it later.



how to focus and reduce overwhelm.
That's the Figure Out Your Life journal btw, and not my focus for the week. :) Coming soon!


A lot of times in the hectic pace of the day to day, I’ll regret my choice of focus and think about switching.


So far, I always find that desire comes from my stressed out mind wanting to do a million things at once or push me beyond what I can energetically give.


The guidance from my soul about these weekly focuses are ALWAYS exactly what I need because they come from a place of connection after answering the monthly intention-setting journaling prompts and selecting my three goals.


That's how Play with the Day is supporting my journey next year to follow my dreams in a way that's deeply connected to what I really want and need.


Because in 2020, I intend to create a beautiful, magical life that reflects my heart and soul.


I want to live in a connected way, full of meaning and depth rather than a frantic way, always feeling behind while focused on what's next.


There is no next. There's only now.


That's the power of focus.


And that's how you reduce overwhelm.


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PS — Kelli left the most AMAZING review on Amazon!


She wrote:

"My friend sent me to Suzanne's website a few weeks ago and as I began to read her words, they resonated so deeply with my own heart.


Her ability to share her wisdom through her writing is nothing short of magical.


Shortly after I discovered her website and YouTube videos, she released this AMAZING yearly goal journal and I knew I had to have one!


It's funny because I'm not typically a person to set goals since I usually just think to myself, "why bother?", however, I was already so smitten with her relatable writing style, I figured I'd check this out.


I'm in love!


This journal's premise is so different than traditional "goal setting", which tends to focus on what the ego THINKS you should want.


This beautifully guided journal helps you to explore what your SOUL truly wants through asking a series of questions that helps you tap into your inner guru and connect your logical mind with your deepest desires and wistful imagination.


I also love that it helps you acknowledge where you've been so that you can cultivate more gratitude and take that into creating your future.


Thank you to Suzanne for this beautiful Soul Scroll Journal!"


And thank you Kelli for the beautiful review!



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  • I’m actually looking forward to journaling now!! I never wanted to stick with it before!! Thanks


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