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Play with the Day yearly goal journal (Book or PDF)
Play with the Day yearly goal journal (Book or PDF)
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Play with the Day yearly goal journal (Book or PDF)

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Cast a vision. Set monthly intentions. Live with soul.


Play with the Day is a soulful goal journal and habit tracker that will help you live better — not just get more done.

With it, you'll weave beautiful rituals and habits into your life along with a few focused to-do's, leaving plenty of room for play.

You'll live more soulfully while tapping into the universe's magic to help you become who you most want to be.

Because life isn't about checking things off a list — it's about living!

Play with the Day will support you to:

Live more creatively without putting so much pressure on yourself. (This is the real way to find your purpose, by the way.)

♥ Get clear on what you want in all 8 key areas of life.

♥ Create a positive mindset and the confidence to achieve your goals.

♥ Identify the most powerful habits to help you become the happiest, healthiest, most abundant version of you.

Improve your connection with your higher self, allowing you to receive your soul's guidance.

♥ Live intentionally, focused not only on what you want to get done, but who you want to be and how you want to live.

♥ Reduce stress and anxiety by focusing on solid daily habits rather than an overwhelming list of to-do's.

♥ Identify life lessons and release things you no longer need, allowing you to gain wisdom and a wider perspective.  


**This journal is UNDATED, allowing you to start and stop at any time.**

What's inside:

♥ Review the year that just passed

♥ Dream without limit for the year to come

♥ Cast a vision for 8 key areas of life, with space for brainstorming and 8 mini vision boards

♥ Monthly intention and goal setting pages

♥ Monthly review page

♥ Daily habit tracker designed in weekly spreads with space for notes and reflections  


play with the day yearly goal journal


play with the day yearly goal journal

play with the day yearly goal journal

Play with the Day Yearly Goal Journal features 8 parts:

Part 1: Review

First, you'll take stock of the 12 months that just passed with guided journaling prompts to help you compassionately assess how things have been going for you and create closure.

Part 2: Daydream

Next, you'll tune into your heart and ask yourself what you'd create if anything was possible. Time to go beyond the limits of your mind and existing reality!

Part 3: Cast a vision

The most fun part! You'll create a vision in 8 key areas of life. Each area offers two pages, one to brainstorm and another to create a mini vision board to harness the law of attraction.

Part 4: Build a positive mindset

Hidden fears will stop you from manifesting your dreams unless you honor them and write a new story! This guided journal portion will help you uncover even the most secret, deep hidden sabotages, allowing you to move beyond them and create real change in your life.

Part 5: Create stepping stones to your vision

A big part of realizing your dreams is simply making success a habit. In this section, you'll identify the main habits that will get you where you want to go and figure out how to implement them in your life.

Part 6: Live with soul

This is the soul of this goal setting workbook! Each month, you'll write about your desires and what you're grateful for, creating a powerful foundation to the start of the month.

You'll set a main intention and up to 3 goals while digging into a handful of juicy guided journaling prompts — just enough to deepen you into your goal without overwhelming you. You'll also connect to the main habits or rituals required to achieve your goal.

Part 7: Track your habits

This section features a habit tracker for maintaining the habits you've identified as important for helping you achieve your goals and become who you want to be.

Part 8: Close the year

Finally, close the year with a few brief, soulful questions different than those in Part 1. 


Focusing on habits creates more happiness and success.

Using this goal setting journal and workbook, you'll achieve the perfect balance of structure and flow.

This goal journal is about manifesting your desires through following your heart in faith rather than over-scheduling your days, leaving no room for magic.

In 12 months, you will feel connected to yourself and your higher purpose. You will have achieved miraculous things while having a blast along the way.

You will know without a doubt you're exactly where you're supposed to be and who you're supposed to be.

You'll know: You are here on purpose.


PDF Specifications:

53 weekly spreads

223 pages, including front and back covers