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What to do if you never feel good enough

When you never feel good enough, the natural response is to try to do things to feel better.


what to do if you never feel good enough



You might change how you act or try to achieve certain goals, all in the hopes that it will make you happy or help you feel better about yourself.


Ironically, taking action from a place of not feeling good enough actually makes you feel worse about yourself.


This is because whatever emotional energy you take an action from creates more of that energy.


Taking action from fear creates stress. Taking action from peace and a connection with your true self creates confidence.


Continuing this line of thought, taking action from fear if you never feel good enough pushes you off your true path in life.


Meanwhile, taking action from a place of being rooted in who you are and knowing that you are good enough results in a life that's uniquely you.


For example, I spent the first 32 years of my life freaking out feeling like there was some purpose or mission to find, always feeling like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, never feeling good enough.


This fear made me negative, depressed and anxious. I lived in my brain, always finding things that seemed wrong with myself and my life.


I searched my past for things I could have done differently to create a different result all while feeling powerless to create any positive change.


I didn’t love myself, although if you had asked me, I would have rattled off things I was good at and reasons why I knew I deserved good things.


The proof of not loving myself could be seen in how I treated myself. How I was always so hard on myself, criticizing and finding fault.


How I blamed myself (and sometimes other people) for everything that went wrong while never giving myself the opportunity to move forward (because I was secretly afraid of failing and having no other options).


How I felt stressed and unhappy rather than at peace, full of faith that things were always working out for the highest good.


I had this insanely tight grip on life and it suffocated the life and potential out of everything.


Then I went on a journey of inner work and healing to break free from never feeling good enough.


I created a spiritual practice and spent more time in my journal working to shift rather than just ranting and venting.


As I released old pains and beliefs I no longer needed, I created more space for love.


I dissolved the barriers of pain and fear disconnecting me from my heart and blocking the guidance of my higher self.


Now tuned into these messages, I followed them to create a life that reflected my unique desires and abilities, my true nature.


When I started this journey, I was living in a bland beige house in a bland beige suburb having just quit my toxic office job but having no clue what I wanted to do with my life even though I was already 32! All I wanted to do was make money and travel, to have time and financial freedom.


Today I live in a more exciting, walkable part of town that isn't my dream, but vastly better than where we lived before. I have created Soul Scroll Journals based on my truest gifts of asking the right questions to help you grow.


If you know me, you know that I am famous for my odd schedule — I sleep late, eat dinner late and flow through work and rest / relaxation throughout the day.


Basically I know myself, own my quirks and talents, and have created a life around them!


The point isn't you creating what I have.


It's knowing that loving yourself and feeling good enough in exactly who you are comes first, before any external accomplishment or approval.


If you never feel good enough, sandpapering down your unique edges to fit in a soul-destroying box of normalcy will never make you happy.


Reveling in what makes you weird and building a life around it, will.



Feeling good enough, loving yourself and creating what you want comes from regular spiritual practice and self-inquiry.


Journaling is the best method for self-inquiry, to help you release the thoughts and past pains that make you never feel good enough and instead love yourself.


Once you embody this knowing, you will sparkle. You will shine. You will be who you really are proudly and boldly.


The world may feel like it's falling apart right now, but that's exactly why it's time to dig into your soul and decide what new paradigm to create for yourself.


When nothing is certain, anything is possible.



My favorite excerpt from Day 15 of our brand new Self-Love journal sums it up best...


“When you're not operating in the world from your true self, nothing fits.


We judge our true selves, thinking them not enough, and try to play the role of someone we think will be worthy of love or worthy of getting what we want. We connect with others, find jobs and create lives while playing this role, but nothing satisfies.


Because nothing satisfies, we try harder to shove ourselves into a box, trying to be who we think we need to be to get what we want, feeling more miserable all the time because everything feels stifling and hard.


Instead of questioning the way we’re living, we question ourselves, wondering why we are not enough.


The problem is not that you are not enough — you are so very much enough. The problem is the paradigm. Creating a life that fills every crevice of your unique heart requires honoring every crevice of your unique being.


To find our true path, we must be our true selves.”


Some of my favorite journal prompts I’ve ever created follow this reading, which is all about reclaiming any pieces of yourself you’ve lost in life while trying to check the boxes of other people’s expectations.


If you’re ready to feel good enough in all your weird, sparkly glory, and would like a step-by-step guide through this inner work, check out the Self-Love journal here.



May this book serve you on your journey of creating a life as unique as you are


All the love,


Founder, Soul Scroll Journals


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