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Exactly how to become who you want to be

If you want to become who you want to be while having a blast along the way, this blog post is for you!


how to become who you want to be




Inside of you lies infinite potential. All of your random ideas, desires, past experiences and future hopes and dreams combine within you to create a unique energetic expression that has never existed before and will never exist again.


The journey of discovering who you really are, what you want, and figuring out how to become who you want to be is the purpose of your life.


Depending on your life and experiences, it may seem like you're nowhere close to creating a life reflecting the vast potential you know lies inside of you, or perhaps you're on the road but feeling frustrated that you're not there yet.


Either way, today I will share the exact steps I've used to transform from someone who didn't know her purpose, felt stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled, like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had made so many wrong choices that she sometimes worried if her life was salvageable...


To living my purpose, waking up fueled by passion, and sincerely learning to enjoy the entire journey rather than waiting until I achieve an arbitrary goal to feel happy or good enough.



These is exactly how to become who you want to be:



1. Have a clear vision


Knowing who you are and what you want essential to become who you want to be. These answers will guide every decision and choice you make.


This may seem obvious, but so many people don't know what they want, or spend more time focusing on what they don't want, or the obstacles in the way rather than focusing in on a vision and allowing your heart to guide you there.


Getting clear on a vision and learning to focus, which of course means removing your attention away from distractions and things that don't serve you, is critical for realizing your dreams.


So many people spend their entire day in distraction, constantly reacting to what life throws their way, wallowing in feelings of powerlessness or frustration.


Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years and nothing changes.


You may wonder why nothing changes, why you don't know how to become who you want to be, but in order to change your life, you must learn to maintain your focus onto a specific goal and stop allowing every minor defeat, frustration, or cellphone notification take you off track.


If you're not sure what you want, check out the Listen to Your Heart guided journal. It will help you get clear on a vision and figure out exactly what you want.


Journaling is the best way to get clear on your desires and learn how to become who you want to be.



2. Sit with your vision and ask yourself — what is the next right step?


I do this during my morning ritual while pulling my angel cards and journaling.


It’s easy to get fired up and want to change everything in your life at once.


This sets you up for failure.


It’s exactly why millions of people make New Year’s resolutions thinking this year will be the perfect year, but then abandon their goals in 2 weeks and spend the next 50 weeks doing the exact same thing as last year.


Change happens one next right step at a time. One focused intention, which leads to a goal, which leads to a habit.



Here's how this works:


Let’s say you have a vision of being healthy and successful, wealthy and with lots of fulfilling relationships.


You would then sit with the energy of that vision, let the emotion of it percolate in every cell of your body, and then from this energetic state ask: What is my next right step?


When you have big goals, it's natural to get caught up in fears you're not good enough or that you don't know how to create what you want, and those fears can cause you to doubt your visions, which in turn creates the feeling you don't know what you want.


But the truth is of course you don't know how to do it because it's never been done.


You will learn how to become who you want to be along the way.


Every dream is created one next right step at a time.


That's how I went from floundering, feeling lost and unfulfilled to finding my purpose and creating a business based on my truest gifts of asking you the right questions to help you grow.


I didn't know how to become who I wanted to be at the start, but I stayed focused on my vision and kept taking the next right step.


The Play with the Day yearly goal journal guides you through this very process.


Some people plan everything to a T, but that takes all the fun out of the journey. There's got to be a balance of planning and flow, masculine energy and feminine.


Besides, you don't know how to become who you want to be, so your plans need to morph as you learn and grow.


Play with the Day is for driven free spirits who want to plan things and be clear on what they want, but who also want to leave room for magic.


After all, it's the universe's mystical ways that make the impossible, possible so you can become who you want to be.



3. Set monthly goals based on your next right step.


I believe in setting just a few goals each month based on your bigger vision and your monthly focus.


The Play with the Day system is very sequential, starting with a firm foundation, gradually leading you to increasingly greater clarity while helping you create space to flow while following your heart.


Some people set quarterly goals or 90-day goals, but I personally like to find the balance between working with something long enough for it to shift but not so long that I lose connection to it.


This is another common reason why people don't achieve their goals — they stop renewing their emotional commitment to it. It’s been said that millionaires look at their goals daily and billionaires look at their goals twice daily.


I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I do know that emotional commitment to a goal is necessary to achieve it, along with removing limiting beliefs and building a positive mindset.


Goals aren’t a set and forget kind of thing. You need to constantly re-connect and readjust while also giving the goal enough space so you’re not freaking out over the daily fluctuations.


Setting new goals each month lets me renew my commitment to a goal if it needs more time, or to move on if it’s time to do that, too.


In Play with the Day, you’re guided to create 3 goals each month, connect them back to your larger vision, tap into how achieving the goal will feel, which is a manifestation practice, and connect to the next right steps.


You’re also asked to get clear on the cost of inaction, which will help you further commit to change, and identify your doubts and fears before shifting to a new, more positive thoughts.


This is how you become who you want to be. 


And if you're feeling lost, stuck or confused and want to know exactly what you want, check out the Listen to Your Heart guided journal.



4. Create habits or rituals based on your goals.


Over the years, I’ve set both outcome-based goals (like sign up this many students to my course) and process-based goals (like do yoga every day).


A lot of experts teaching how to achieve goals recommend outcome-based goals, but I personally am moving away from that this year.


I like to focus on the things I can control, and the only thing I can control is what I do every day.


It’s important to evaluate your progress to see if your actions are getting you the results you want, but for me, at this point in my life, I’m choosing to focus on effort not outcome.


In fact, one of the mantras I created for the Play with the Day yearly goal journal's calendar pages is “Let repetition be your effort.”


Each month in Play with the Day, underneath the monthly calendar, you’re guided to re-write your intention and 3 monthly goals, and then connect to the right ritual, habit or next step to achieve those goals.


Creating new habits will have its own blog post too, in this series designed to help you become who you want to be in the new year.


Habits are everything.


People often think about the huge things they want to do or accomplish, but success is a habit. Your life is the sum of your habits, of what you do daily.


It’s very important to focus on the daily steps you can take to realize your dreams, adding one new thing at a time, rather than worry about big, abstract things like “being successful,” or “figuring out what to do with my life.”


Just do one thing at a time. Keep connecting to your vision and asking yourself — what is your next right step?


Then create goals and habits around that next step!


This is why Play with the Day has a daily habit tracker in the back.


This guided goal journal not only supports you in monthly intention, goal setting and review, but it also gives you a space to create new healthy habits so you can become who you want to be.


 And if you're feeling stuck on what you even want, or feel like there's a lot of junk in your head holding you back that you want to work through, check out Listen to Your Heart guided journal.


It's 30 daily readings and journaling prompts to help you get clear on what makes you happy and create that life.



All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals




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