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How to deal with emotions in 3 steps

If you want to know how to deal with emotions, this blog will show you exactly what to do.


how to deal with emotions


Sadness, anxiety, depression, anger. These emotions are part of being human, but we all want to feel happier and more at peace!

Unfortunately, most people strive for peace by denying how they feel. This leads to resistance and unhappiness. It causes an internal war — the exact opposite of peace.


Let's explore how to deal with emotions.

What are emotions?​

Emotions are simply energy — energy in motion.

The beautiful thing about emotions is that they're designed to stay in motion. They were never meant to linger, causing you ongoing pain or suffering. When you allow them, emotions flow freely through, leaving peace in their wake.

The purpose of emotions is to give us specific information about how we feel about our lives. Emotions are the soul's response to how the ego, the small self, is interacting with the world.

For example, if you speed through life, never taking care of yourself, always prioritizing others, you naturally become anxious or sad. People commonly think the anxiety or sadness is the problem when in fact these feelings are pointing to the actual problem.

If you never stop to listen to yourself, instead waging war against the messenger, you'll never hear the deeper wisdom of your feelings which have only arrived to help you take better care of yourself.

Of course, often emotions have deeper, more important messages. I show you exactly how to identify these messages and deal with emotions in the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal.

This is the path to true peace and unlocking your inner wisdom. Honoring how you feel and allowing strong emotions to flow through you creates space for beautiful life changes to bring more joy.

However on the path of ignoring strong emotions, you continue to demonize feeling emotional, intensifying the war within, wondering what's wrong with you or why you can't find peace when the truth is the entire approach is wrong.

Sadly, some people waste years or decades of their lives fighting themselves, never finding the will or knowledge to look within.

Few people in our society know how to deal with feeling emotional from a spiritual perspective, and that's exactly why Soul Scroll Journals exists: to help people understand their thoughts and feelings through so they can understand themselves.

Journaling and meditation are the two simplest, most powerful tools you can use to heal yourself and create shifts in your life.

The guru era is over. It's time to know yourself, love yourself and trust yourself.

What's the point of painful emotions?

Painful, strong emotions let us know we're out of alignment with who we really are. This means every ounce of pain we feel a gift.

Feelings are our most powerful guidance system directing us to our happiest, most alive lives rather than obstacles intended to steal your joy or stop you from getting what you want.

Every emotion has a specific message, and inside the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal, I show you exactly how to identify what those messages are so you can listen to your soul and find peace.

Unfortunately, our society has medicalized strong emotions. Doctors see emotions as brain chemicals and not messages from your soul, problems to be fixed with prescriptions rather than love and understanding.

Most therapists are not trauma informed and lack understanding of how to deal with past pain that influences current problems. Most meditation teachers don't understand how to work specifically with emotions and instead focus on the breath.

When you learn how to use meditation when feeling emotional, you gain the gift of knowing how to approach your deepest, darkest, most private pains with love, compassion, understanding, and ultimately healing.

This is exactly what you'll learn how to do in the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal. This isn't therapy. This book teaches you how to understand your emotions so you can understand yourself and create a life perfectly designed for you.

The guided journal also teaches you simple but profund healing tools that you can use to identify the source of your deepest pains so you can heal them. This allows you to let the past go and walk into the future feeling lighter, freer, and more deserving of the goodness life wants to send your way.

These are tools you'll use for the rest of your life when feeling emotional.

How to deal with emotions:


1. Become more open and accepting of the pain you feel.

The most common thing blocking people from releasing their pain is that they resist it. Resistance acts as a wall blocking the energy from flowing through as it's meant to.

This is inevitable, but not natural. We've been conditioned to think feeling emotional is negative, weak, or wrong. This causes us to repress strong emotions, not allowing the emotional energy to properly flow through us, leaving it stuck inside our bodies and hearts, creating suffering.

The consequences are vast. People in pain don't follow their dreams, they stay in jobs and relationships that aren't satisfying, and move through life blaming how they feel on the circumstances of their lives when in fact we have so much power over our circumstances, and power over how we feel regardless of what's happening around us.

Shifting your relationship with feeling emotional is very important because when you repress or deny how you feel, it intensifies the pain while placing you at war with yourself.

Think of how people say they're "battling" anxiety or depression. Fighting your emotions is the same as fighting yourself. It creates more suffering, not less.

Not wanting your emotions is not wanting parts of yourself. Judging how you feel is judging parts of yourself.

This is not the way to healing! This is exactly why some people continue to suffer and never find peace.

The key to ending this war lies within. It requires first accepting yourself fully — including all the things you feel.

Trust that your feelings are there for a reason, and once you understand that reason, you will find peace.

Also — when it comes to healing or forgiving the past, learning how to deal with emotions is essential because accepting your feelings about a situation is part of accepting the situation itself.

As you release the strong emotions related to an experience, you release the experience itself. Accepting, forgiving and releasing the past is the first step to creating a better future.

​The Mindfulness & meditation guided journal will help show you how to deal with emotions and create a better life.

2. Fully feel the pain so you can heal.

True positivity isn't about ignoring pain or darkness, but opening our hearts to it, and fully accepting it without wallowing. When we do that, the energy shifts. Solutions appear. Change happens. Hearts heal. Peace descends.

We create our lives from the inside out. People who know how to tap into the source of power within, and who stay close to their higher selves and God / the Universe through practices like meditation and journaling, feel more joyful, which creates more opportunities in their lives.

The content of your thoughts and energy creates your life, so nothing is more important than knowing how to deal with emotions and move through the world from a place of peaceful power. It's from this place that everything flows, and that you create the life you're meant to.

The Mindfulness & meditation guided journal will teach you exactly how to feel your feelings so you can heal, ultimately finding the peace and happiness you deserve.

The journal also tells you exactly what to do if you feel numb or full of resistance when you go within. There are very simple tools you can use to overcome this obstacle standing in your way of peace, and it's all inside the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal.

3. Listen to the messages of your emotions and make necessary changes.


This is the most common reason why some people's bodies feel like factories for sadness and anxiety.

You might find a moment of peace, but then soon find yourself feeling more of the same, wondering why nothing is working.

If you want to help a flower grow strong and healthy, you must nurture the soil it grows in, and the same is true for humans.

All too often, we put ourselves in extreme conditions and get angry with ourselves for not thriving.

This is especially common for people with a lot of unhealed trauma who are used to making the most of what they have, living in survival mode, or who are so used to a certain amount of suffering and pain that they feel guilty adding in more pleasure to their lives.

When it feels weird to not suffer, or your identity centers around one who suffers, you will always find reasons to feel pain.

That's why the most important part in the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal is Week 3, Heart & soul. In this week, you'll learn how to hear the messages of your emotions and your inner wisdom.

You'll also learn how to use my potent shadow work techniques to heal the root of any pain or fear keeping you trapped in survival-mode living.

The unhealed past will continue creating painful, strong emotions and ongoing problems until you release it.

When you want to unlock the door to growth, happiness and healing, it's time to go within, sit with yourself, and face your pain. So much wisdom and healing is inside of you.

Peace is your natural state. Joy is your natural state. When you organize your life in alignment with your highest self, these states of being are inevitable.

The amount of joy you experience directly correlates to the amount of spirit in your life.

If you're feeling emotional, anxious or depressed, you need more soul. You need more spirit. You need to let the messages inside of you come to light and stop running away from yourself and how you feel.

There's nothing wrong with you. Inside of every problem lies a solution, but you must honestly face your problems to find it.

When you finally sit with yourself, you'll wonder why you waited so long.

The Mindfulness & meditation guided journal is for you if you want to learn how to deal with emotions, heal your heart, and find peace within yourself.

​Check it out here.​

All the love,
Suzanne Heyn
Founder, Soul Scroll Journals




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