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Higher self: 3 effective ways to connect to the guidance within

We all have within us a higher self, a part of ourselves that’s infinitely wise, loving, clear and strong.

connect to your higher self

This higher self is our connection to the source of all that is, a personal expression of infinity, a microcosm of the entire universe within ourselves.

Yet throughout our busy, sometimes stressful daily lives, this connection to our higher self can feel hard to find.

We may feel lost and confused, triggered and overwhelmed, sometimes anxious, sad, guilty, ashamed or angry.

We get caught up in the moment and say or do things we don’t mean. We make mistakes, handle things in less than ideal ways and struggle with creating good habits.

The entire point of the human experience is for our souls to experience life through our bodies. We aren’t meant to be perfect, holy creatures all the time. We are here to make mistakes, learn, grow and simply feel it all. As I like to say, the good, the bad, the bliss and the broken.

Yet deepening your connection to your higher self makes the human experience more joyful.

It's like there's a world of secrets within you, a special place containing all the wisdom you could ever need to live your life to the fullest, happiest version you could ever imagine, but you're cut off from it.

We all get weighed down by the darker elements of human life sometimes, unable to hear the deeper truths in our souls.

Your higher self is always guiding you forward through life's trials and tribulations, but you may not always be able to hear the messages.

That's why today I want to share with you a few ways to connect to your higher self.

Before we get started, know that this is a daily ongoing practice. The more time you spend connecting, the more connected you will be.

The other thing to know is that no matter how disconnected you may feel at the moment, your higher self is always with you.

It's the deepest part of you, a direct link to your soul. Your connection can never ever be severed. It may feel dim or faraway, but no matter how separate you feel, know that you can always find your way back using the tips I'm sharing with you today.

Here’s how to connect to your higher self:

Tip 1: Use the power of intention

Intention determines focus, and therefore influences your results.

Take journaling, for example. With it, you can process the past, sort through your problems and find inspired solutions, identify your dreams and manifest your desires.

Every Soul Scroll Journal includes exercises and prompts allowing you to experience all these fabulous benefits.

However to connect to your higher self and recieve its valuable contributions, first you must set that intention.

Before I knew how to use journaling to actually solve my problems, I mostly ranted on paper. Releasing that emotional energy did help, but didn't offer as many solutions as invoking my higher self and asking the questions I know to ask today.

This is one reason why Soul Scroll Journals are so effective. The time-tested questions and techniques inside help you process the past and create new outcomes very quickly.

Many people aren't sure what to write about in journals in the first place, let alone what questions to ask themselves to solve their problems and heal their pains.

One simple way you can create shifts right now is to consciously invoke the guidance of your higher self to help you move through areas where you feel stuck.

You don't even need to write it down.

Simply think to yourself, "Higher self, please guide me. What do I need to know about this?"

Then, begin writing and see what comes out.

Your higher self is always available to guide you, but we have free will. You must ask. You can ask by setting the intention.

If you want help digging deep into your soul, you'll love the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal.

Tip 2: Meditate regularly (guided meditations don't count)

Meditation is the most effective way to connect to your higher self because it quiets all the other voices drowning it out.

Meditation connects you to the stillness within. In this stillness, you're able to hear the messages of your heart and soul. You're able to release pent up, repressed emotions weighing you down and creating conflict in your life.

As you do this regularly, your higher self becomes a steady, constant companion. It's not something you have to try so hard to hear, but a wise guide always ready with support when asked.

I'm very depression-prone and have struggled a lot over the years with intense sadness.

Connecting with my higher self through meditation changed everything because I began to realize the voices in my head that led me into destructive, self-defeating behaviors or that told me I didn't deserve certain things weren't the truest voices.

Meditation taught me how to heal the pain creating those voices in the first place, and then it helped me connect deeper to find the path in life that makes me happy.

The spiritual healing tools I've learned to heal that pain and hear my inner voice are all included inside the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal.

I'm so proud because this is the only meditation guide I know of that talks specifically about how to use meditation to heal emotional pain.

The techniques for healing I share with you in the journal will help you find peace with who you are, creating space to connect with your higher self.

These healing techniques will change your life because unhealed traumas keep us stuck in the past. There's a lot that goes into it, but when you release the repressed emotion, you free yourself from the past while giving yourself the opportunity to create new patterns, opening yourself up to new potentials.

As a note, I don't recommend relying on guided meditations.

Guided meditations are wonderful for relaxation. I often listen to them before falling asleep. However, they have limitations.

When you rely on guided meditations to connect to yourself, it’s like using an interpreter to speak to a friend. You miss a deep connection. You miss the true voice, the true wisdom.

Many people are afraid to face themselves or resist stillness, but that’s exactly why it’s so important.

Author Steven Pressfield has said, “The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it."

I still resist meditation to this day, but when I sit down and breathe and keep breathing until everything quiets, eventually I touch down into this still, peaceful, authentic place inside the deepest part of me. I never fail to sigh in relief. “There it is.”

That's something you need to find on your own.

I created the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal to help you along your way.

It’s different than most meditation books because it’s focused on empowering you to create a practice unique to you, based on what you need in that moment.

It also helps you apply your meditation practice to real life with daily thoughtful journal prompts based on the day’s meditation exercise.

3. Journal

Journaling is a wonderful way to allow the voice of your higher self to come through. As you set the intention, you’ll receive guidance for solving problems, understanding frustrating patterns, or shifting your mindset to better navigate through rough patches.

After my dad and sister died when I was an early teen, I felt lonely, sad and abandoned. Countless therapists failed to help me make sense of my pain.

The only thing that helped was journaling. Over the years, I’ve learned how to use my journal to understand myself, why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling, and how to solve my problems.

Journaling has allowed me to get clear on my deepest desires and life purpose. It's helped me find the most aligned path to achieving my goals based on the true desires of my soul — not what other people are doing or tell me I should be doing.

My true purpose is helping people understand themselves through inner work. It's giving them the guidance to face their true selves without judgment and with compassion, which is the most difficult thing for many to do because we've been conditioned to repress our true feelings.

Soul Scroll Journals offer a way to do this gently, completely and honestly so you can create real, lasting change in your life.

Journaling and meditation are the two most powerful things you can do for life-long growth and development.

If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, unsure of who you are or what you want, or would simply like to create a stronger connection with your higher self, check out the Mindfulness & meditation guided journal.

It will help you find peace with who you really are.

All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals



  • loved the article , hope im able to use the words and connect with my higher power

  • Thank you I’ve never tried Journaling or meditation I’ve used therapy. I have much childhood trauma which I
    thought I’d healed. My son Andrew 26 just passed from fentanyl poisoning & I can barely keep my head above water. Meditation & Journaling have been suggested but I’m clueless. I’m excited & terrified. I’m going to try your methods. I think ive reached all I can with traditional talk therapy. Thanks for sharing with us. God Bless all reading this.

  • I have much childhood trauma & did years of therapy & emdr. I recently lost my 26 yr old son Andrew to fentanyl poisoning & I can barely manage. I’ve been on a spiritual & self love journey for a few years. I need more. Many people have suggested meditation & journaling. I don’t like to be still
    b/c the pain is so overwhelming. I’m scared of getting stuck there. Ive used staying busy to preoccupy my self from experiencing too much pain at a time.
    Since his death i know more than ever i must face & feel this loss. i get lost about where to go from there. I think your techniques may help me go to the next level. Hopfully this brings me peace & knowing Thank you for sharing your wisdom. God bless all reading this.

  • I will need to focus more especially when I need to journal..I love the way this is going, so far…

  • I love my guided meditations and have a hard time remaining in meditation so long without music or a guide.. I will start challenging myself to not do a guided meditation every other day and see what I can accomplish from there. Just journaled for the first time today and wasn’t thrilled with the results. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day right? 😅😇


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