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My nurturing daily routine

I’m so exited to share with you today my nurturing daily routine, a series of healthy habits that have absolutely changed my life.


nurturing daily routine


I’ve always eaten relatively well and been quasi-health conscious, but when I got adrenal fatigue, I realized I didn’t know how to truly take care of myself.

Forgetting to eat lunch happened more often than I'd like to admit, a wrist injury had removed yoga from the equation — in those days it was yoga or bust, and my sleep schedule was an absolute wreck.

After crashing, I didn’t bother going to a Western doctor because from what I understand they don’t believe adrenal fatigue is real. Anyway, I didn’t want pills.

Waiting and resting wasn't doing anything.

And I did try going to an integrative doctor but all she offered was a new supplement for each issue.

Deep down, I knew that to heal, I had to get back in balance, to learn how to truly take care of myself with a daily routine.

I trusted my intuition to guide me, just like it did to heal depression when I was younger, and just like it guided me to my life purpose.

Sure enough, my inner wisdom led me the right practices, ideas, and even people on Instagram who honestly helped me more than any doctor. (Shoutout to @empoweredautoimmune and @carnivoreaurelius.)

For some people there are emotional healing aspects to recovering from health issues, and my renowned shadow work process has helped many people heal deep emotional wounds, but I’d already done so much emotional healing.

I wasn't in pain about the past. I needed to heal my body in the present.

I needed to get grounded and find a daily, nurturing routine to relax my nervous system.

I used to be so resistant to daily routine, but now I crave it. It makes me feel safe and loved and nurtured.

If you want to transcend the past and create the future of your dreams, you need a nurturing daily rhythm with as many healing and supportive practices as you have time to include.

It can get a little boring, and sometimes I rebel against myself, but I’ve just had to build discipline, which has also been a good thing.


So here’s the core of my nurturing daily routine:

1. Morning sunlight in eyes, no sunglasses.

This helps reset your circadian rhythm, which promotes restful sleep. It's also an energizing way to start the day.


2. Morning meditation

Sometimes I do 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing followed by 10 minutes of regular meditation. Lately I’ve been doing a Joe Dispenza morning visualization meditation that’s amazing.


3. Meals at regular times

I used to be really bad about eating lunch, or just throwing dinner together, often kinda late. Now I always plan what I'm eating for lunch the night before (usually leftovers), and meal plan dinners for the week. Getting so good at adulting!


4. Afternoon sun without sunscreen

I truly believe people wear way too much sunscreen (skin cancer rates continue to go UP despite record levels of sun avoidance and sunscreen application), and are way too afraid of the sun. Sun exposure has a host of incredible health benefits, and non-burning sun exposure has been linked to REDUCED melanoma risk.

In the late afternoon, the rays have more healing red light and less UVA/UVB so I like to soak it in without sunscreen. Sometimes by the pool when it’s too hot to walk, other times I habit stack and get sun on my walk.

I do protect my face, and have gotten a little sun damage, but I have scars all over my body so what are a few sun spots? At least they represent FUN.


5. Afternoon yoga nidra

This is a basically a guided body scan meditation that promotes deep rest. It relaxes your nervous system and helps you recover depleted energy. I love Ally Boothroyd on YouTube. It's an essential part of my daily routine.


6. Pilates

Strength or resistance training has been essential to my recovery. Looking back, it's probably been the most impactful thing in my daily routine although it's hard to separate any one thing from the effects of the whole.

Building muscle improves mitochondrial health, which promotes energy. Plus, not gonna lie, I really want a hot Pilates body. I usually do 30 minutes mat, 4 days a week, on YouTube. Working to more, and also want to add cardio.


7. Walk

Love my afternoon walks! They're so incredibly grounding. If I feel anxious or unsettled, a walk is like medicine to my soul. In the summer I usually go after dinner when it's cooler (still 112 degrees, but at least no sun), but now I like to go during golden hour. Absolutely beautiful. Favorite part of my day. This part of my daily routine changes depending upon the season.


8. Cook dinner

I've grown to love cooking even though I used to hate it. Eating a well prepared meal feels like love.


9. Bedtime routine

I could do a whole blog on this, but the most important part of my daily routine is yin yoga. I love to do 30 minutes, longer is amazing, some nights it's only 15 or 20 minutes, but it releases all the tension from my body and helps me sleep so much better. Insomnia was something I struggled with on my healing journey, and ensuring good sleep has been a top priority.



This is a lot, and I was thankfully able to stop working and just focus on my health.

It's definitely been an adjustment adding work back in, but going slow and constantly evaluating has been the key. Messing up is part of the process!

The good news is these things are all free. Combined, they've been an incredible way to reset my health, help me regain my energy, and to feel more balanced, grounded and happy. My daily routine has honestly changed my life.

If you’re in a space of wanting to improve your health, I recommend picking just one to three habits, anything you can incorporate into your daily routine, and focus o that before expanding.

Change happens in small, incremental shifts. It's taken YEARS to become consistent with my daily routine.


A note on time: These things give you time because they give you more energy, focus and creativity.


When you take the time to focus on your health, everything else gets better. Health is the foundation of everything.

 I hope that resonated with you!

 Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about any of these habits, how to be consistent with a routine, or my more extra self-care / beauty and health rituals.

Respond and let me know - what’s your favorite healthy habit? I’d love to hear!


Till next time,


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