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mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf
mindfulness and meditation guided journal pdf

Mindfulness & meditation guided journal PDF

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Go deeper into yourself than you ever have before.


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Stress. Anxiety. Confusion. Doubt. Fear.


These are normal human emotions, but they're also signs you're disconnected from your true nature.


Because creating space to drop into your heart is an antidote to the world's suffering, chaos and fear.


The meditation techniques, methods, and mindset shifts inside this easy-to-use guided journal will help you ground into yourself so you're not as wildly swayed by life's inevitable tensions.


You'll learn to navigate painful emotions, negative thoughts and stressful situations with grace. First, you'll do this with your eyes closed and legs crossed. Then, as you practice here, this more peaceful, balanced way of being will infuse itself into the rest of your life.


The result? More authentic, joyful and rewarding relationships. A greater sense of being grounded in who you are, with less confusion and uncertainty. An increased capacity to experience joyfulness and true presence in your life. A calm nervous system, rather than a frazzled one.



The Mindfulness & meditation guided journal will guide you deeper into yourself than ever before over 30 days.

Over 30 daily lessons, you will learn meditation basics like how to breathe and where to focus. But — more importantly — you will learn how to apply the concept of meditative presence to your life.


This is more than a book about how to meditate. It's about how to live with a relaxed presence, full of joy and love while being true to yourself.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Each day's meditation offers something special to focus on. You'll then answer a guided journal prompt allowing you to gauge your level of mindful awareness around the day's focus, such as how you deal with emotions.



You'll learn:

♥️ Breathing techniques (pranayama) to regulate your nervous system

♥️ Where to focus depending upon your specific goals

♥️ How to deal with your thoughts and find peace

♥️ The antidote to anxiety

♥️ How to visualize

♥️ How to use mantras

♥️ How to use meditation for inner child healing and shadow work to release deep emotional wounds 

♥️ How to deal with noise and interruptions so you can stay focused

♥️ How to tell the difference between your higher self and lower self

♥️ How to overcome resistance

♥️ What to do if you skip a day or fall off track



What’s inside:


♥️ Week 1: Self-love and compassion



This week, you'll create a strong mindset to set the foundation for the journey to come. Learn the most important ingredient that separates people who succeed from people who quit.


You'll also learn how to deal with your crazy mind so negative thoughts no longer block you from peace.



♥️ Week 2: Focus and relaxation



Learn exactly how to deal with anxiety so you have ready-made tools whenever you need them.


You'll learn fun meditation practices like breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system, and how to use mantras and visualizations.



♥️ Week 3: Heart & soul



My favorite week! Learn exactly how to use meditation to release painful emotions.

You'll also learn my most powerful shadow work techniques for connecting to the source of emotional wounds to help you create more freedom and peace than you've ever known.



♥️ Week 4: Presence and infinity


This week is more practical. We talk about how to make the meditation habit last to set you up for forever success.


♥️ Integration


You’re almost there! Stay strong over these last two days so you can walk over the finish line victorious.


It’s time to truly own your practice by setting some intentions for how you want to continue now that the journal is ending.



Details: 129 pages on 8.5 x 11 paper