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It's time to feel good enough.

Feeling good enough and creating self-love is about more than ‘doing’ self-love practices or repeating affirmations.


Self-love isn’t something you do; it’s who you are.


Loving yourself unconditionally is a journey of healing the pains and flawed perceptions that have you identifying with them rather than who you really are — a beautiful soul with infinite peace, love and joy always streaming through her.


Identifying with your whole authentic self rather than your pained, limited self requires going deep.


It requires healing the painful past, understanding the patterns these experiences created, and taking your power back to create new thoughts and habits.


People sometimes try to skip this part, or don’t understand how important it is.


It’s not your fault. As a society, we lean toward band-aid superficial solutions because they’re quick and easy, even if not permanent.


We’ve been trained to fear our pain because most people don’t know what to do with it.


That’s why we created the Self-Love guided journal.


We wanted to help people dig deep inside their souls, heal the pains with love, and consciously create new thoughts, habits and responses.


This incredible book is a 30-day program that will help you feel good enough.


self love guided journal


What's inside this powerful guided journal:


♥️ Remarkable insights into the reasons why we struggle to love ourselves.


♥️ Practical and transformational strategies you can use to feel more positive and loving.


♥️ Expert guidance on creating a life in alignment with your soul needs, desires and purpose.


♥️ Powerful spiritual healing exercises to transform your deepest past pains into love.


♥️ Step-by-step guidance to heal the mother wound, one of the biggest blocks to self-love people experience.


♥️ Four profoundly beautiful self-love practices to weave into your weekly self-discovery ritual.



The Self-Love guided journal is exactly what you need to feel good enough.


What people are saying:


"Working through this journal catalyzed some huge changes in my life." — Dani M.


"This guided journal is a great way to tackle issues one at a time that are keeping you from loving yourself, being more mindful and staying in the present." David L.


"I am almost finished the 30 day journey and every morning I look forward to my ritual of journaling! This has opened me up and helped me understand myself." — Amy M.


"A must-have journal." Elaine M.


"I loooove this journal! So simple, yet deeply reflective. Easy to implement, too." Alexandria W.


"This journal is simply amazing! The prompts are powerful and helpfully guide you through the 30 day journey." Karima S.



Who this journal is for:


♥️ Anyone who wants to do inner work, but isn't sure how


♥️ People who feel like things from the past are affecting their levels of happiness and fulfillment 


♥️ Everyone who wants to feel more connected with themselves


♥️ Those who value spirituality and self-discovery


♥️ Anyone who struggles with negative thoughts or painful feelings


♥️ Those who want to understand themselves more 


♥️ Everyone looking to heal and find more peace



How it works:

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At Soul Scroll Journals, our mission is to help you know, love and trust yourself to create a life as unique as you are. We are so excited to guide you deeper into yourself.


Enjoy the journal!


All the love,

Suzanne Heyn

Founder, Soul Scroll Journals