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The world's most powerful meditation for emotional healing





A simple, powerful method for identifying the root of your most troubling problems 






Journaling exercise to release fear:

The truth is, I feel… (write until you feel a sense of completion. If you get stuck, ask, "what else?")

What am I really afraid of?

Where does this fear come from?

What beliefs did I take on from these experiences? 

What do I need to know to feel at peace?

I’m ready to release this. I’m ready to see things differently. Higher self, please show me the truth. Free write stream of consciousness. 


Clarifying your desires and the things holding you back.

This is who I feel I’m supposed to be and what I'm supposed to want...

I feel responsible for…

What I actually want is…

I could never do that because…

If I followed my heart, I’m afraid that...

But when I look into my heart and see the truth, I know that…

Now that I choose to believe my dreams are possible, I believe that...


If you have no idea what you want...

If you did know, what would you want?

What am I afraid knowing what I want would mean?

Who am I afraid of disappointing? 

Where did this story come from?

What beliefs did I take on from this?

What would I rather believe?


Take the time to dig in and dive deep! This is the work that will truly change your life. Let me know how it goes for you!