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This amazing collection of resources has been gathered here for you with the intention of making you happier and more fulfilled.
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The world's most powerful meditation for emotional healing





A simple, powerful method for identifying the root of your most troubling problems 






Journaling exercise to release fear:

The truth is, I feel… (write until you feel a sense of completion. If you get stuck, ask, "what else?")

What am I really afraid of?

What is the worst that could happen?

If the worst actually happened, I would handle it by...

If the worst happened, I could find peace knowing that...


(In my experience, coming to peace with the worst possible outcome creates overall peace and a level of detachment that allows change to happen. This is what helps me. If it doesn't help you, I'm sure you'll come across another method that resonates more. :) )


Use the FA meditation above after journaling to process any emotions.


Clarifying your desires and the things holding you back.

This is who I feel I’m supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do and what I'm supposed to want...

I feel responsible for…

What I actually want is…

I could never do that because…

If I followed my heart, I’m afraid that...

But when I look into my heart and see the truth, I know that…

Now that I choose to believe my dreams are possible, I believe that...


If you have no idea what you want...

What feels most fun and exciting right now?

Why do I feel this is pointless, dumb, or not possible?

Is that true?

What's the worst that could happen if I did this?

What's the best that could happen if I did this?

What evidence do I have that this could work?

What is my next right step?

(Sometimes the next right step is something totally unrelated. Take good care of yourself. Have fun. Relax. The next right step will always come when the time is right.)



Resistance will always exist. Discipline is doing what's needed regardless of how you feel. Be disciplined and enjoy the result. :)