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This week's book recommendations:

Care of the Soul

This deep and thought-provoking book from depth psychotherapist Thomas Moore discusses how we can find soul in all aspects of life, including work and family. He also explores how looking at typically unwanted things like illness, sadness and jealousy symbolically helps us access their deeper meaning, ultimately helping us understand deeper parts of ourselves.


The Creative Act: A Way Of Being

Rick Rubin is a famous music producer, but this book is way about way more than making music, or even art. It's about how to live creatively. This book reconnected me to my core, and was the catalyst to reinvigorating my creative spirit, energy and purpose, which I've struggled to do after burning out.


The Soul's Code

Just started this book by James Hillman, but it's mindblowing!! Can't wait to explore these ideas more.

Health and lifestyle

Red light bulbs for better sleep

Red light exposure at night balances your circadian rhythm. I love doing my nightly yin yoga in the red light. It's the perfect wind down. 



Healthy hot chocolate

Drinking this each night has helped my sugar cravings so much!  Cacao also has magnesium, which helps the body wind down.


  • 1 tbs cacao
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk (this kind is super natural, with no fillers, only coconut milk and water) with 3/4 cup water. (1 cup total)
  • 1 tbs honey


LMNT Electrolytes

If you live in a hot climate, sweat a lot, or want to improve your energy, electrolytes are a must! My favorite flavors are watermelon and raspberry, but you can try this variety pack to check them all out.

Read about why the dietary recommendations on salt intake are too low, and why we need more salt for optimal health!


Liquid ashwagandha

I take this every day in a little water before bed. Ashwagandha supports your nervous system. Liquid preparations are generally more powerful than capsule - my fried nerves love this stuff!